Altairzen is a design, development, and marketing technology agency. Our premier team provides services that transforms companies into industry leaders, raises venture capital, and becomes merged or acquired. We provide professional IT services to multiple industries including technology, transportation, healthcare, government, e-commerce, retail, hotels, and commercial development. 

Altairzen, LLC | Business Technology Consulting

Building Brands That Work

Altairzen and our partners have helped companies raise $48 Million in venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions over $600 Million collectively. These companies have impacted transportation systems, global cloud storage, e-commerce, and more. Inquire to get your business started.

Venture Capital Raised
$ 0 M
Mergers and Acquisitions
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Enterprise Clients

Altairzen’s mission focused business strategies help enterprise clients with UI/UX design, web development, and marketing technology around the world. 

Business Services

Creating with engineering and development style for mission critical enterprises around the world that leads industries. Our strategic business partnerships make it better for planning, budgeting, and reporting.

IT Services

Accomplish your business missions with our suite of IT Services from branding, website design and development, UI/UX for software and apps, product development, and more.

Business Services

Strategic business strategy with a global perspective and technology at the core. Enhance enterprise legacy environments, gain market perspective, understand MarTech, Communications and Marketing consulting.

Cloud Hosting

Streamline domain, cloud hosting, and website master services into one bundled monthly invoice. Focus on growing your customers with monthly managed services from Altairzen and our secure cloud partners.


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Altairzen Client Portal

Client Portal

Our Client Portal manages strategic alliances with milestones and goals, so clients gain a premium project management experience unique to Altairzen. This provides better clarity and communication that supports effective mission completion.

Business Cloud Hosting

We provide a comprehensive package that includes business domain, web hosting, storage, and website master services, all bundled with Altairzen. Discover our hosting plans and schedule a professional consultation today.

Naly Rice - Owner

Altairzen is a small and highly skilled team of professional designers, developers, and technologists with a passion to build and create business solutions with technology.