3 Marketing Strategies for Enterprises and Global Corporations

Enterprise Business Strategy

This is an article intended for enterprise corporations and global entities with employees around the world. 

Enterprises and global corporations with large staff and multi-layered products and services can benefit from marketing strategies that support their growth with efficiency, streamlined operations, and software. 

Large enterprises and global corporations are owned by an even larger company in many industries, while small businesses operate with a staff. This presents challenges on a different scale that requires experience and understanding of the business landscape owned by the parent company, and how each entity is operated and organized. 

How this article defines enterprises and global corporations: Companies that own and operate multiple businesses under a holding company, with their own entity and staff, through multiple industries. A good example in technology are Block, Meta, and Alphabet. Another example is large healthcare companies that own smaller healthcare businesses under one umbrella, or international associations that are owned and managed by a larger corporation. 

Here are some strategies that might help your enterprise or global corporation.

Business Landscape

Enterprises can begin by documenting and architecting their businesses environments and infrastructures. That means, from the very basis, which is typically technology and storage needed to operate the entire enterprise. Viewing the enterprise this way, allows the corporation to gain a clear picture of the current environment, the staff count at each business, the amount of data storage needed, the types of major software and platforms that are used by each entity, and the costs associated with all of it. 

Creating the business landscape, provides a perspective that gives way to streamlining the businesses based on operational needs and requirements. The business landscape review provides opportunities to unify softwares and platforms (or implement enterprise wide technology) that allows the corporation to gain a better understanding of each business and costs.

Websites & Cloud Hosting

Websites are still an important part of our digital business, advertising, and marketing efforts. They have also become much more than a symbol of the business. Websites are fully operational platforms with integrations into software, plugins, and tools that help business operations and continuity. 

For enterprises and corporations, managing a collection of websites with software integrations is expensive, time consuming, and also a vital part of multiple departments. Corporations can streamline their websites and cloud hosting environments by understanding how many websites and storage is needed for each business, and the entire enterprise. This supports business operations and costs for software, platforms, staff accounts, and processes associated with website updates and business news. By doing this, it provides corporations with a streamlined process, security protocols, and business processes in updating, maintaining, and enhancing their website, cloud hosting, and softwares integrated into their website and business operations.

Internal Portal

Global corporations and enterprises with large staff can benefit from creating internal portals, or websites, for each business and the corporation. It serves as a global touch point for all employees to stay on top of information and company news. This can be built and maintained by the parent company. 

The internal portal is a good idea for communicating company information, quick links to business operations, training, and staff updates to build team camaraderie on a global level. It’s a centralized point of contact for all employees and provides a sense of community. Through this portal or websites, the parent company can effectively communicate the overall corporation’s vision and mission, along with each businesses’ vision and mission to staff.

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