Altairzen is a boutique consulting firm accelerating businesses and organizations towards streamlined business operations, technology environments, and creative experiences around the world. We approach each client with fresh perspectives and create custom consulting solutions with development and engineering project management styles.


Business Consulting

Gain business perspectives with our Communications, Marketing, and Business Consulting services. Managed in an online portal with milestones and weekly calls. Available with billable hours, projects, hybrid, and dedicated partnerships.

Technology Consulting

Leverage technology software expertise and industry advisement on marketing tech, CRM, CMS, and AMS solutions. Save time and money by understanding the options, complexity, and costs before you make the investment. Review & enhance your current tools and platforms for better usage and customizations.

Creative Consulting

Harness creativity with our branding, creative, website design and development services. We build custom WordPress websites and bundle cloud storage if required. Production and design timelines will vary depending on the services. Please inquire for a custom quote.

Cloud Consulting

Moving an entity into the cloud can be daunting and expensive. With Cloud Consulting you'll learn cloud options, short and long-term expenses, security assessments and room to scale in the cloud. Together with our business partners, we assist in teaching about the cloud options in the marketplace so you can decide what's best for your business or organization.

Amazing Clients

Altairzen’s mission focused business strategies and consulting assists enterprise clients with business, marketing, and technology evolution in a digital world.

About Altairzen

Altairzen's Mission

To leverage our skills, expertise, industry knowledge, and experiences with upgrading, streamlining, and enhancing businesses and organizations. We provide consulting that brings deeper insight with attainable solutions in business, technology, and creative services.

We’re a boutique consulting firm that specializes in deep technology, creative, and cloud solutions with a global approach. Mission critical businesses and organizations around the world gain from our advisement and consulting by saving time, money, and industry knowledge.

Altairzen can be classified as a Marketing Technology Services Provider (MSP) as defined by Gartner. 


In order to differentiate ourselves from other consulting firms, we’ve instituted a proprietary methodology in how we conduct, research, analyze, review, and consult that gives our clients better strategies in the marketplace. 

Our background is in startups, technology, electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, cloud computing, cybersecurity, foreign relations, state and federal government programs, and international knowledge on business and manufacturing. 

We provide clear and concise communication on how a business or organization can upgrade, streamline, and enhance their cloud, software, platforms, and digital tools for business transformations. Altairzen also partners with reputable businesses in cloud, technology, software, cybersecurity, and more to deliver seamless global consulting for clients.

Altairzen documents the general framework of how we practice consulting that is beneficial and brings value and business outcomes for clients. Each consulting service has their own methodology and the solutions and results will vary depending on the clients and their specific requirements.

For an enhanced consulting experience, we provide every client with a Client Portal Login that allows them to check on the consulting project, retrieve and upload files, track reports, deliverables, and more. 


Altairzen is a boutique consultancy and able to provide business technology consulting to Prime Contractors working state, federal, government, and international government programs and initiatives. To learn more about our NAICS Codes and how we can assist on your prime contract, please contact us. Thank you!

Security & Confidentiality

Altairzen provides consulting services to mission critical business and organizations around the world that entails secure and confidential information; including payment processing, healthcare data, industry and trade knowledge, design and patents, databases, software access, cloud storage, digital design and development, and more.

In order to perform the business technology consulting, we have a Client and Consultancy Confidentiality agreement.

We require a security NDA to be signed for all clients in order to ensure we’re communicating and delivering work in a secure and confidential manner. We may also perform a background check on businesses, nonprofits, associations, and entities that solicit consulting services from Altairzen. This is to ensure both your safety and security (as well as Altairzen) due to security protocols and procedures.

We only provide quotes, portfolio, and consultations to enterprise businesses and organizations. We reserve the right to deny services to any potential clients or prospects upon a Client and Consultancy Confidentiality agreement and background check. 

If you have any questions about Altairzen’s Client and Consultancy Confidentiality agreement, then please contact us. Thank you!

Cloud Solution Partners

Gain insight, save time, and money with Cloud consulting before you make the full investment for your enterprise businesses or global organizations. Together with our business partners we provide consulting and a roadmap for you to upgrade, streamline, and enhance your secure cloud.

Learn more about our Cloud and storage options as a WP Engine Agency Partner and Siteground cloud solutions for startups and small businesses.