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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)
Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)


We’re your marketing department in the cloud supporting businesses in technology, healthcare, nonprofits, and more since 2013.  Our fully remote team is headquartered in the downtown neighborhood of Washington, DC with a window to the world.  Through COVID, we’ve had ups and downs like every business.  We listened to customers and colleagues and reinvested in ourselves so we can better assist your marketing initiatives.

We reinvested in process, automation, and productizing some of our most popular services from the last 10 years.  We’ve partnered to provide secure, compliant, and resilient cloud hosting at Tier 4 data centers.


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Team Continents


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Cloud Teamwork

Helping Businesses and Organizations Scale

B2B Digital Marketing Services for a New Era in Business.

Our Vision

We’re the cloud marketing team powering small business and organizations around the world. Business marketing can change startups, businesses, and organizations.  It can create and transform industries and communities. It’s also hard to keep up with the rapid speed of innovation in marketing technology and software. We assist with marketing fulfillment so businesses and organizations can focus on their business goals.

Our Mission

Make digital marketing simple and effective for our clients so they can focus on growing their businesses and organizations through mutual respect for small and large clients alike.

Global Team

We’ve been a fully distributed, or remote, company since our founding in 2013.  Our team is  located all over the United States, and some internationally.  We save on overhead costs by working in the cloud and pass that on to our customers through competitive pricing. We’re headquartered in downtown Washington, DC with a window to the world.

Supplier Diversity

We’re a woman and minority owned small business that has capabilities for sub-contracting to primes.  Achieve supplier diversity on your local, state, or federal projects by getting in touch with a member of our team at

541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541430 – Graphic Design Services
541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
541810 – Advertising Agencies

Our Values

Love Your Work

We believe in the art and science of work. Some people dream, and others go about the business of just doing. We're the latter. It's a privilege to devote our working lives to our passions and don't take it for granted.

Be Kind

Being nice and being kind are two different things. We're kind to partners, our team mates, families, friends, the environment and to ourselves. We treat each other and ourselves with respect. 

Team Mentality

We work as one cohesive unit from top to bottom. We don't take things personally if it's the best decision for the whole team. We bring the best versions of ourselves to work and help each other.

Open Communication

We value being open, transparent and honest human beings. We build positive dialogues and aren't too proud to sit around the kitchen table and have tough conversations when needed.

Mutual Respect

We respect each other and perform all tasks with integrity. We treat each other the way we'd like to be treated and personify a positive moral compass that doesn't waver.


Life is short, no one can afford to take themselves too seriously. We love humor and believe everyone should find at least one reason for a deep belly laugh each day. Funny memes are a great start!

“We believe digital marketing helps businesses and organizations start, scale, and reinvent themselves for a new digital age.  We’re your marketing team that turns concepts into completed outcomes. Thank you in advance for choosing us for your digital marketing needs.”

Naly Rice

Owner, Altairzen

Altairzen - Altair
Altairzen's Brand Promise

Altairzen is a combination of the words “Altair” and “zen.”  Altair is one of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere.  Zen is how we want business marketing to be.

Business is not the same in 2022 and the marketing department has undergone a revolution in remote, digital, and creative.  

With technology and marketing blending, we understand that doing marketing can be frustrating, confusing, and hard to keep up with.  There are over 8,000 MarTech softwares in the marketplace to choose from now. It’s hard enough to choose which ones to use, much less master it.

At Altairzen, we dedicate our lives to working at the intersection of marketing, technology, and design for a new era in business.  

Our reliance on the internet means your website is your store front and your online presence has opportunities to connect, delight, and educate customers.  We’re here to support marketing fulfillment so you can focus on your goals while we execute on marketing tasks.

The pandemic has been the first time, where all of our clients and employees around the world were all deeply affected at the same time.  It made being in business, and doing the things we love everyday, that much more personal and meaningful.

It’s a privilege to be in business of any kind, and we’re honored to work on your marketing task to help you grow your business or organization.

Whether we’re your outsourced marketing team, or a partner to your in-house marketing department, we want to say thank you for choosing the Altairzen team with your business marketing needs. 

Altairzen HQ

We’re a fully remote company with headquarters in the downtown neighborhood of Washington, DC.  We support domestic and international businesses and organizations by working collaboratively in the cloud.