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What is Cybersecurity?

There are billions of websites online that all require cloud and security. Businesses around the world have websites at up to 70% according to Google’s AI search with data from 2023.  That number is continuously updating with new websites created and maintained everyday.

Every website requires a domain, cloud storage, security, and a content management system. For businesses, the need for cybersecurity and data protection is even greater.

In this article, we’ll explain more about cloud hosting solutions and cybersecurity for your businesses, as it relates to websites. This streamlines the entire operations and is better managed and updated so businesses can focus on their customers. Discussing websites requires discussions on domains and hosting environments, as well as integrated platforms, technology stacks, and plugins to support business operations.

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Altairzen Managed Cloud Environment
Website Managed Environment for customers of Altairzen.

Practically all businesses need cybersecurity to protect their company data. This is an important aspect of doing business in our digital world. It’s a reality for all businesses, governments, associations, and more industries. 

Cybersecurity is about protecting data from cyber hackers and terrorists who want to take your business data for their own gain. Sometimes cyber hackers want a ransom in exchange for your business data. For more covert operations, they might DDoS your environment, hack through firewalls, or mirror your environment and download it. Thankfully, everything is visible in the cloud and can be managed by engineers that specialize in cybersecurity and data protection.

Many businesses prepare by hiring a trusted managed cloud provider to protect and secure your technology environment.  This provides peace of mind for businesses to streamline website master services, integrations, and technology stacks.

At Altairzen, we develop the website by upgrading platforms and integrating plugins on a monthly basis, in partnership with secure cloud providers. The customer attains domain and cloud hosting. The datacenter company partner secures their data and cybersecurity. Altairzen updates and maintains the websites and integrations for the customer so they can focus on their customer base.

Business Cloud Web Hosting

Business Cloud Web Hosting is a great first step for businesses. It’s enhanced from the standard cloud environment and offers businesses with security benefits and website features. You can select from a range of storage solutions as your company scales up or experiences increased website visits for specific times.

At Altairzen, we build and create websites and solutions with Elementor and SiteGround. This provides domain and hosting guidance to customers, while Altairzen upgrades, develops, and manages customer websites.

Streamlining this way developed from years of customer feedback with SMBs and global enterprises. This provides customers with a complete solution and peace of mind with website master services and updates.

Private Cloud Hosting

This type of cloud hosting is a way to ensure that your business data is within your own private environment and is monitored on a daily basis. Private cloud is a great solution for businesses that want security, a firewall, and a framework with technology architecture built and maintained by engineers all year long. 

Many companies eventually evolve their cloud hosting environments from business, to hybrid, to private cloud as they scale and grow their enterprises. The business websites get managed and updated by Altairzen with communication to our partner secure cloud hosting providers.


Large global enterprises with their own data racks and servers can partner with large managed hosting corporations for Colocation. This is when the business physically stores their data racks and servers at secure data centers. This solution is priced at enterprise levels and also provides the highest level of security and management. 

At Altairzen, we’re a design, development, and marketing firm with a technology focus. We guide customers to trusted and secure global managed hosting providers to colocate their data racks. This provides customers with higher security around business data, while having their website and content management system managed and streamlined with Altairzen.