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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

Email Marketing Template

One custom e-mail marketing template designed with your branding from the team at Altairzen.


Flexible Timelines

Set Start & End Dates


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Digital & Download

Email Marketing Template


Provide a visual for your marketing campaign, product, or service.

Estimated Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Need a professional business email marketing design or template for your campaigns?

Build a better customer experience with a custom email template design that can be recycled in the future.  Email marketing is still very effective and having a professional email in your templates gallery can help you feel more confident, be on brand, and send your message faster.

The team at Altairzen can design directly in your e-mail software provider or deliver an HTML version for you to add at your own discretion.  This package involves the design only and does not include content.


This Package Includes:
1 Email Template Design
Complimentary account setup and implementation
HTML Available
Stock Photo & Design
Choose your own Email platform
2 Rounds of edits
Add your own content

Does not include email content copywriting. List building or management is not available.

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