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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)
Altairzen - Altair

How does Altairzen work?

New here?  Welcome to Altairzen, your cloud marketing team focused on delivering digital marketing solutions with no monthly retainer.  Learn how to use Altairzen for your business or organization below.

Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

1. Review Your Marketing Plan

The first step in this process is reviewing and documenting your marketing plan.  Please ensure your business or organization has a clear marketing plan before proceeding. 

After getting internal buy-in and a key point-of-contact, then you’re ready to start searching for packages on Altairzen’s Services Board.

Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

2. Place Order Online

Select all the marketing package(s) you’d like into the market bag.  When you’re ready, click on the green market bag and go through the checkout process.  There are multiple payment options depending on your geographic location. 

Complete the order and check your email for the receipt and welcome emails. Complete any necessary first steps via the emails (New Client Onboarding form, uploading files, and any prerequisite questions).

3. Account Manager

An Account Manager is assigned to your project.   They will reach out to you via email or phone after reviewing your order and the calendar meeting date you selected.

During this call, you’ll establish project start/end dates, milestones, etc.  If you haven’t already uploaded your Brand Book, logo, and other documents then please do so. 

Altairzen’s Account Manager may cancel your order if they believe the project is out of scope, is missing a marketing plan, or other(s).  This doesn’t happen often, however, there have been projects that get canceled and are resolved after the client has completed the necessary steps.  We appreciate your collaboration on this to ensure we maintain smooth operations.

Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

4. Project Start & Milestones

Altairzen’s team adds your project to our backlog.  We use agile project management, like many development and engineering teams, for project management.  If there are any milestones, the Account Manager will establish those with you as well and update Altairzen’s team.  If there are pertinent updates, please update your Account Manager as soon as possible. Thank you.

5. Edits & Delivery

Work begins on your marketing package with team Altairzen.  Your Account Manager will update you when it’s ready for up to two edit rounds.  Once the edits are completed we move into delivery.  The final project delivery items are emailed to you.  If your project has delivery on a platform (CISION, Google Ads, Facebook, HubSpot, etc.) then the Account Manager can implement it on your behalf or simply send the file(s) over. 

We established a standard of two edit rounds to ensure that we don’t get stuck in revisions and we can deliver more outcomes.

Altairzen Business

6. Completed! Order Future Marketing Tasks.

You’re all done!  Altairzen’s focus is on marketing fulfillment of your marketing plan.  We plug into your marketing department no matter the size.

Place another order when your business or organizations has a new marketing task in the future.  Set up calendar reminders for the seasons, trade shows, conferences, and holidays to stay top-of-mind. 

Thank you for choosing Altairzen for your digital marketing.