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Altairzen, LLC | Business Technology Consulting

Professional Business and Marketing consulting that effectively conveys the value of your hotel and development location.

Altairzen is a highly specialized consultancy helping hotels and commercial development businesses streamline their operations and revolutionize their customer experiences. Our unique approach facilitates optimized business strategies, improved technology infrastructures, and a range of experimental ideas that drive innovation and growth.

Creating Invigorating Experiences

Elevate your brand to new heights with Altairzen. Our team of experts specializes in product development, website design, software applications, and customer experiences. Allow us to assist you in creating an unforgettable brand and exceptional services.

Enhance your brand experience fusing creative, business, and technology.


Producing business, creative, marketing, technology, and cloud solutions that empower companies in the present and future growth.


Experienced professionals that are ready to build, create, and innovate with your company's mission and goals.


From concept to creation we design, develop, and build stellar products and services that help companies effectively communicate and lead.

Client Focus

Small and highly skilled consulting experience that creates strategic alliances for long-term development. We're focused on your business mission.


Premier consulting executives with proven work experiences that elevates companies, brands, and products with your best interest to lead industries and global markets.


Building companies that stand out, produce positive outcomes, lead industries, and ultimately change the world.

Business Partnerships

Consulting with engineering and development style for mission critical enterprises around the world that leads industries. Learn how Altairzen’s strategic business partnerships make it better for consulting clients.


Achieve your project mission and goals with a statement of work. These business projects have a clear beginning and completion date on specific goals like brand identity, website design and development, or general business consulting.


Strategic business consulting with a minimum 6 month partnership on your business mission and goals. Save time with streamlined consulting services that provide more depth and focus for your company.


Exclusive joint ventures with a minimum yearly business engagement on your vision, mission, and long-term goals. Monthly in-person consulting with confidential, security, and fiduciary responsibilities.


Plug-in to clear statement of work & timelines.
Priced Per Project
  • Statement of Work & Timeline
  • Account Manager on Projects
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Phone & Digital Meetings
  • Join Hybrid or Dedicated After
  • Client Portal Updates


On-going support with defined monthly hours.
Consistent Monthly Costs
  • Established Hours Per Month
  • 6 Month Minimum Consulting
  • Client care with Account Manager
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Marketing Team Collaboration
  • Phone & Digital Meetings
  • Add design & development projects
  • Client Portal Updates


Yearly dedicated business partnerships.
Yearly Retainer Costs
  • Established Yearly Client Care
  • Consulting with Owner
  • Dedicated Business Partners
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Phone & Digital Meetings
  • Monthly In-Person Meetings
  • Communications Advisement
  • Corporate & Industry Events
  • Add design & development projects
  • Client Portal Updates

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Acquire comprehension of your technological environment and the process of transitioning into a secured hybrid, public, or private cloud infrastructure with the assistance of Altairzen and our affiliated business partners. Expedite your progress and obtain specialized guidance through cloud hosting consultations that broaden your perspective.

Get a confidential business technology consulting quote.

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