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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

Refunds and Exchanges

Can I get a refund on my marketing package?

Yes. There are two opportunities for you to get a refund at Altairzen: 1.) If the order was purchased by accident and you immediately notify us at with subject line: Refunds & Exchanges; and 2.) If the Account Manager decides that the project is out of scope during the discovery call.  You can begin a return by contacting us.

Can the Account Manager cancel my order?

Yes.  During the Account Manager discovery call, the Account Manager has the right to cancel the order if the project is out of scope or other.  We want to be courteous of your time, as well as ours, and unfortunately some projects may be cancelled.  Thank you in advance for understanding so that we may provide a good customer experience for everyone.

Can I cancel my order once work has already begun on my marketing package?

Yes.  You can cancel your order, however a refund cannot be issued in part or whole of any kind.  We do not provide a refund or return on work that has already been completed or in the backlog to get done.  We’re a digital marketing team that is powered by people.  Once we line up a team to get your project done, we also have to keep our commitment to the people who make it work.  

There are exceptions to this policy, including natural disasters.  If you’re unsure, please inquire with your Account Manager and we’ll make effort to find a mutual resolution.

What if I'm unhappy with my finished marketing package?

We take many measures to ensure that we both have an enjoyable marketing package experience.  This comes through the Account Management communication, milestones, edit rounds, and general communication about the project.  Even with a positive attitude, sometimes projects don’t turn out quite right.  We’re focused on finding solutions and would be happy to discuss or work towards a satisfactory finished product.

Can I return an NFT?

No.  All Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sold by Altairzen are non-refundable or exchangeable.  Please check back for our business marketing NFTs going on sale in Altairzen Market.

Will I get something in the mail after a refund or exchange?

No.  Altairzen does not sell any physical products or items.  After a return or exchange, nothing will be physically mailed to you with postage.  You will receive an email with your return receipt to the email address you purchased the original item(s) with. Please check your spam folder if you can’t locate it.  You can also contact us at and we can email you a copy of the receipt. Thank you!

Why did the Account Manager cancel my order?

We reserve the right to cancel orders that we believe may be out of scope, or not aligned with the marketing package.  After placing an order, an Account Manager will reach out to you and discuss start/end dates, milestones, and have a discovery conversation about your project.  To ensure smooth operations on our backlog and our business goals of B2B productization, some projects may be out of scope. We’re respectful of your time, as well as ours, and can reassess the project scope in the future to see if it’s a better fit.

Can I exchange my marketing package?

No, there are no exchanges at Altairzen.  You may cancel your order before any work is done to receive a refund, and then place a new order on the marketing package of your choice.

Can I get a refund on digital goods from Altairzen Market?

No.  All digital goods are final sale.  We’re unable to provide a refund on any digital goods.  All digital goods, NFTs, downloads, photos, graphic elements, fonts, documents, and more are non-refundable.  Please be sure you would like to purchase the digital good(s) in Altairzen Market before purchasing.  

Can I exchange a digital good(s) from the Altairzen Market?

No.  We do not provide exchanges on digital goods from the Altairzen Market of any kind.  Please be sure to double check if the digital item you are ordering is the right one. 

Can I get a refund on my press relese package?

No.  Press releases and the network for distribution are a bundled cost that Altairzen created for your convenience.  The press release comes with the distribution already included.  Once a press release is written and/or pushed to our CISION network, there are no exchanges, returns, or refunds of any kind on press releases.

Who can I contact regarding returns and exchanges?

You can reach us by sending your question(s) to or calling us at (202) 937 – 8688.