Welcome to Altairzen

Altairzen Business Technology Consulting

We’re launching into 2024 with new perspectives at Altairzen, LLC.  Our team has been working towards building the future in the present with our new boutique consulting firm. Based in Atlanta, Georgia with a satellite office in Wroclaw, Poland we’re a team of business professionals with decades of experience in business, creative, technology, and cloud. 

Our mission is to provide premier consulting services to companies around the world that deeply impact major industries. Together with our clients, we combine expertise in business development, technology, creative, and cloud consulting that produces innovative solutions and positive outcomes for clients. We’re honored that companies who work with us have raised $48 Million in venture capital and $600 Million in mergers and acquisitions collectively. These contributions have impacted transportation systems, global cloud storage, e-commerce, and more. 

What is Altairzen?

Altairzen, LLC is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in business consulting to founders, owners, c-suite executives, and investors. We provide professional advisory services to multiple industries including technology, transportation, healthcare, government, e-commerce, retail, hotels, and commercial development. Our premier team provides consulting that transforms companies into industry leaders, raises venture capital, and becomes merged or acquired. 

How is Altairzen different from other consulting firms?

Altairzen’s team is highly skilled at creating positive outcomes with new products and services that encapsulates the value and impact of a company’s mission and goals. Our team of experienced professionals consult with a global perspective for long-term industry and revenue growth. 

Our Client Portal manages strategic alliances with milestones and goals, so clients gain a premium consulting experience unique to Altairzen. This provides better clarity and communication that supports effective mission completion.

We implement engineering and development style project management that clients enjoy with a high-altitude overview of professional engagements. Intertwined with the Client Portal, our methodology for consulting has produced stellar results for companies. 

Who has worked with Altairzen in the past?

Our previous experiences include leading companies such as SemaConnect (acquired by Blink), Edge Hosting (acquired by DataBank), Handshake (acquired by Shopify), Toshiba, CarPro, and more. These companies have raised venture capital and been acquired by larger global companies that empower their customers.

We provide professional consulting services to these industries:

  • Technology
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Hotels & Commercial Development

We approach each client with focused attention, discretion, and exclusive care for their individual needs. This level of executive consulting comes with in-depth knowledge, market research, and industry expertise.

Altairzen consulting aligns business vision, infrastructure, creative, with operations. 

More clients we’ve worked with include UBX Cloud, Avelo, SanRun Mining, EarlyBird, MWG, Amascola, Elf Logistics, Ardalyst, Mojo, Laser Focus, and more.

How to get started?

To engage in a strategic professional consulting joint venture, please get in touch with Altairzen, LLC at hello@altairzen.com or call our Atlanta office at +1 (404) 781-0793. A Discovery call to learn more about your business needs can better prepare us to discuss consulting services that will assist in achieving your goals. Thank you!