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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)
Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

Why Altairzen?

Cloud Marketing Technology Service Provider

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Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

Accelerate Secure Cloud Adoption and Digital Marketing.

Altairzen is focused on delivering a secure, efficient, and automated marketing technology cloud solution for businesses, organizations, and government marketing teams that take you further.

Remote marketing and cloud solutions can empower customers to get more done so you can put focus towards your mission.  Streamlining your marketing tools, technology stack, and creating on-going digital marketing outcomes is all possible with Altairzen utilizing our agile processes and strategic vision for supporting client missions.

Your Cloud Marketing Team.

We’re like your digital marketing swiss army knife.  You may not always need it year round, but when you do, it’s nice to know you have a cloud marketing team to support your business goals.  Upgrade, enhance, and scale your marketing department with Altairzen’s outsource marketing solutions. 

Download some of our marketing collateral to share internally.  Start the conversation about enhancing your marketing!

How do our cloud marketing technology services benefit you?

Altairzen Account Managers

Marketing & Cloud Experts On Your Side

Altairzen Cloud Compliance

Increase website & Data Uptime

Altairzen Agile Process

Accelerate Productivity & Output

Altairzen Websites

Streamline Website, Marketing & Cloud

Altairzen Marketing Packages

Save on cost with marketing packages

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Focus On Growing Your Business or Organization

Altairzen - Marketing Services Provider (MSP)

Discover How We Support Marketing Teams Around The World!

Powering small and medium sized business marketing departments is at the heart of our operation.  Whether you have a team of two or two hundred, we’re here to help turn your marketing plans from concept to execution.

COVID has forced us to re-analyze how we do business. Digital marketing is at the heart of many campaigns, events, and tactics but hiring a technical and strategic marketing team can be tricky.  With Altairzen, we support SMBs with a la carte digital marketing services and enterprise options.

Corporate marketing departments have a large marketing task at hand.  As COVID continues to change, unfortunately so has the marketing department.  We may be a good option for large companies and corporations that need to outsource parts of your marketing efforts, inject a creative perspective, and/or enhance your technology marketing with more automation for smoother operations.

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started.  We support startups by learning your business goals and creating brand identity, digital sales tools, websites, e-commerce shops, emails, and more.  Good solution for startups that require marketing support without a full-time commitment.

Altairzen may be a good fit for your startup if your business plan, funding/sales, and core team have already been established.

Focus on members, donors, and stakeholders with a cloud marketing team to support fulfillment.  We support with Association Management Software implementation and management, event brand identity, meeting websites, email, newsletters, social media graphics, and more.

We’re a woman and minority-owned business headquartered in Washington, DC.  Please contact us directly regarding sub-contracting on local, state, and federal projects.  Below are some NAICS codes that Altairzen works under.

541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541430 – Graphic Design Services
541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
541810 – Advertising Agencies

100% Uptime.

Have your website run by secure cloud experts to protect your data from cyber threats.  Our Cloud Team has a Tier 4 Data Center in Michigan and an off-site Tier 4 datacenter in Denver.  We provide 100% infrastructure uptime and are compliant or in alignment with PCI-DSS, HITECH, HIPAA, and SOC2 for businesses and organizations with sensitive data.

Our marketing and cloud solutions are scalable making it easy for you to decide when to throttle up to more marketing outcomes or cloud space.  If you’re a business or organization with special website security requirements, please contact us to learn more about our enterprise solutions and private clouds.

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